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Pet Treadmills

Most dog behaviorists will tell you that dogs need to be exercised on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day. This will cut down on instances of acting out, it will keep the dogs happy and healthy, and it will keep them mentally engaged. A bored dog is a dog that’s in trouble. A dog with excessive energy is a dog in trouble. And a dog that is not walked regularly is a dog in trouble and also a fat dog. But it might not always be possible to take the dog out for a jog once or twice or even three times a day. There could be lots of reasons why it’s not feasible, but the bottom line is, people need an easy solution. Treadmills are that solution, and you can either use your own treadmill, or invest in pet treadmills. You can train a dog to run on the treadmill without the leash, but at first it might be necessary to keep the dog tied to the treadmill, until he gets the hang of it.

You must never, ever leave your dog unattended on pet treadmills. One misstep and they could be seriously injured. If they are tied to the treadmill to keep them on it and they slip, they could be choked to death if you aren’t there to stop the treadmill and save them. So don’t think that using pet treadmills frees you from your obligation to exercise your pet, it just makes it a bit more convenient for you.

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