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Like dogs, horses were seen as nothing more than work and military animals for much of history. The thought of keeping a horse as a pet would be utterly ridiculous to pretty much everybody throughout history. A horse as a pet would be nothing more than a luxury and a stupid one at that, because a horse takes up valuable resources and money. A horse is still a very expensive pet to have, but now horses are used less for farm work and military purposes and more for recreational purposes. There are many different types of horse breeds, and they each have their own uses. For example, a quarter horse has the ability to have short, fast bursts of speed. A thoroughbred horse is literally a thoroughbred—all of these types of horses come from one of a small number of sires and dams. The Arabian horse was bred and developed in Prussia, and has a smaller body and smaller head. This is just a brief example of the many different horses.

If you would like to have a horse pet, you need to either have enough space to store one, or you need to be able to afford to rent stable space and pay for necessary food and exercise. It’s not cheap, but horses are definitely worth it for people who enjoy recreational riding and various different horse sports, including jumping and hunting. If you want a horse, you should look into the price of purchase, the price of maintenance, and the price of boarding. Only if you can afford one in your budget should you seek one out.

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