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Flea Control

Flea control is critical with pet owners, whether that pet is a dog or a cat. Dogs and cats can pick up fleas outside and then carry fleas into the house, spreading the little buggers onto the furniture and into the carpets. And fleas are not discriminatory when it comes to what they’ll attack. If fleas are not kept under control, then even pet owners will be walking around with itchy, red bumps all over their legs and arms because fleas are all over the house. And fleas not only make animals uncomfortable, the fleas could also make animals sick, especially if they’re allergic. So if you want to keep fleas out of your home and off your pets, you need to look into different kinds of flea control.

The first type of flea control is a flea collar. A flea collar should work to keep both cats and dogs free from fleas. This works best for animals that outdoor animals, or animals that move freely between the yard and the house. Animals who never leave the house do not need to wear a flea collar. The second type of flea control is medication that you put on their back, between the shoulder blades—the one spot on their bodies they cannot easily reach with their tongue. A few treatments of that over a set period of time will kill the fleas that are on their bodies. There are also flea powders and flea baths, though it might be more difficult to make a cat submit to a bath. Mine certainly won’t!

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