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Dog Training

There are many different theories when it comes to dog training. Some people consider certain theories to be better or more effective than other theories. For example, some people believe that it is best to punish a dog who does something bad—so they use negative reinforcement. Other people use positive reinforcement to train their dogs. And there are many different changes and nuances in between these two extremes. As a result, there are different animal training experts and different books that you can research to decide which is the best and which will be the most consistent for you and your animal. You can also take your dog to obedience school, which will provide dog training for your pet as well as for you.

But there are basic things that you should keep in mind when considering any form of dog training. Dogs are not humans. They do not have memories and they are incapable of making connections between events separated by time. That means whatever you do to stop unwanted behavior, you have to do it immediately after the bad behavior. You must also be consistent. You must never reward behavior. That just teaches a dog that persistent bad behavior is the best way to get a reward. Dog training is also critical in stopping dogs from training you. And a sufficiently smart dog will know exactly how to train you to get treats and other desirable things. Remember that consistency is always the key. One way or the other, the dog will learn what you consistently demonstrate.

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