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Dog Houses

One of the most endearing and common images of the twentieth century America is Snoopy sleeping on top of his red, boxy dog house. In fact, the image of the dog house occurs again and again in American pop culture, and most people have an idea of what a dog house should look like or should do. But the fact is that dog houses can come in many different sizes and types, and they range in size because there are so many different types of dogs and different sizes of yards. Some people have even stopped using dog houses altogether in favor of pet crates, which can be suitable for use either inside or outside the house, but provide the same sort of comfort and safety that the standard dog house does. Some dog houses come pre-made, and others come in kits for you to build yourself. And if you are especially handy with the carpenter tools, you can build your own for the family pet.

Dog houses are generally made of either plastic or wood. Plastic is more weather resistant, but depending on the product, would could be more stable and last longer. One thing that should go with a house or a crate is a dog bed. Though, in all honesty, dogs will appreciate whatever soft thing you give them, especially if that soft thing, like a blanket or a towel, smells like you. The house should also be warm in the winter if the dog is sleeping outside in the yard.

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