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Dog Crates

Dog crates are necessary at one point or another in just about every pet dog’s life. Crates are enclosed containers with a door that are used to crate, or transport, the dog. They are also used to promote the safety and well-being of the dog. For dogs to be most comfortable in dog crates, they need to go through some form of “crate training,” though once a dog has gone through “crate training,” they tend to be very comfortable inside the dog crates. In fact, they may elect to sleep or rest in there on their own. In many ways, dog crates are used as dog houses, except most of the times, they are indoors. Dogs like to have a safe, enclosed space where they are protected from perceived threats.

There are many different types of dog crates. They can be made from heavy plastic, from aluminum, from wire, and even so-called dog tents are a type of dog crates. Which type of crate you choose really depends on your dog and what you plan to use it for. If a dog is going to be transported via airplane, the dog crate should be a solid plastic that will not allow the dog to break free, and will not be broken by anything falling on it. Solid plastic crates are also good for use if you are merely planning to transport the dog to the vet. If you wish to use crates as part of crate training in the home, you might want to look into the wire crates or even the dog tents.

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