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Cat Trees

The majority of cats are very active—especially at night since they are nocturnal animals. They love to run, jump, climb, and destroy anything they can reach. Being predators, they play to keep their skills sharp—and they destroy furniture and carpet to keep their claws sharp! If you have a cat, or multiple cats, you might be worried about providing adequate space to give your cat room to play, jump, run, and all other cat things. You might also want to encourage your cat to use something besides your carpet to sharpen its claws. Cat trees provide the best of both worlds. Cat trees are usually large enough to provide a great deal of space for your cat, and is usually multi-leveled with places for the cats to hide and pounce. They are also covered in carpet, which is good for the cats because they can use it instead of your couch to sharpen their claws.

Cat trees can be expensive, but that’s because they are typically large and made of high quality material so they can withstand the constant activity of strong, energetic cats. They are also investments, because they become the cats’ domain. Of course, not all cat trees are expensive. You can find some at reduced prices and on sale, or you can find ones that were previously owned. They are helpful to have, though, especially if you have strictly indoor cats and you live in an apartment or a condo. Not only do they provide a good space for exercise, but they will also provide you hours of entertainment because cats are adorable when they play in cat trees.

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