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Cats are extremely popular pets in the United States for many reasons. First, they’re small so they can comfortably live in small houses, apartments, and condos. Second, they’re predators so they will help control the mouse population. Third, they do not require daily walks or trips outside to the special cat parks because they automatically use litter boxes. They don’t even have to be trained to seek out the sand box and use it diligently. Fourth, though they have the well-earned reputation for being independent and disdainful of humans, they are actually quite good companions, with their own little personalities and they’re obviously quite intelligent. If you want a pet to cuddle with at the end of a long day, or to simply enjoy as they run around the house, doing their own silly things, then cats are an obvious choice.

There are some things you should know about cats before you decide to adopt or purchase one. It is best to have them spayed or neutered as soon as possible because there is a major cat overpopulation problem, and if your cat does get out of your home, it could only contribute to the problem. Second, cats do need to have shots and those shots will need to be regularly updated in order to protect against standard cat illnesses and diseases. Third, cats aren’t something you can just forget about. Though they are self-sufficient, they have certain needs that should be seen to on a regular basis, including cuddling and grooming needs.

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