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When a person thinks about getting a pet, they usually consider a standard pet, like a cat or a dog. But cats and dogs are not always suitable pets. Not all apartment buildings or condos allow cats and dogs on the premises, due to considerations like messes, permanent damage, and the potential for bites and scratches. Other people might not want a cat or a dog because of allergies. Pet dander is very difficult for people with allergies to live with. This is just a short list of reasons why a cat or a dog might not be a good idea for your home. In those cases, you will want to investigate alternative pets. Those can include smaller mammals, like hamsters and rats, reptiles, like snakes or lizards, and most commonly, birds.

There are many different types of birds that make good pets, and they range in price and size. You can find relatively cheap, small birds that are easy to care for and provide a splash of color and beauty, as well as joyful songs, and ready company. Birds are cheap to care for because their food is easily affordable, even in large amounts, and they can be quite happy in the appropriately sized cages. If you have birds, and you clip their wings, you can even let them out of their cage to explore the immediate vicinity. Birds are also easy to clean up after, which means anybody can take care of a bird, even children who are learning their first lessons about responsible pet ownership. While birds are not perfect for everybody, they do merit consideration and additional research.

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